The Perfect Girl’s Night out: Men In Show Male Revue Night Club!

The Perfect Girl’s Night out: Men In Show Male Revue Night Club!When planning a girl’s night out, we often look for exciting things to do that will give us a night to remember. Go bar hopping, go dancing, crack jokes and make memories.

Well…in search of my girl’s night out, we wanted to try something new and exciting and so we did; we stumbled upon one of the best male strip revues ever!  “The Men In Show male revue”.  It was more than a dozen of us and we decided we’d take a break from our busy schedules and go have some fun. Upon arriving at the club, we were greeted nicely by a group of fine, jaw dropping, handsome men who escorted us to be seated.  They made sure we ordered our drinks and made ourselves comfortable.  Not only were all the guys very attractive, they knew exactly how to take care of us.

They catered to each and every one of us.  We felt like queens.  I don’t think there is anything better than alcohol, sexy, built, teasing men and music for a Perfect girl’s night.  It was nothing but pure fun and excitement; we literally didn’t want to leave!!  The guys gave us a performance to die for; it was tastefully entertaining and well-choreographed; first they performed in groups then one on one, like where else do you get this treatment???

Everything was well organized. Enrique, Victor, Logan and not to mention my favorite, Zsolt, they were all amazing!  Mason on phone had everything set up for us and made sure we had the time of our life.  I, for one didn’t want the night to end.  So my advice to you; ladies, don’t work yourself to death, gather your girls, get your nannies if you have to, to watch the kids, tell your husbands or boyfriends you’re taking a night off and go have the time of your life.  After all; we only live once!  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Do something exciting!  Make memories so when you get old you have something to laugh about. Something silly and exciting!  We don’t just need a little laughter in our lives; we need lots of laughter.  Fun times and great memories to cherish.

So take that chance while you have it and go make your own memories at the Men In Show Male revue night club, have the time of your life and thank me later!

P.s Thank you guys so much for giving us fun, pleasure and memorable excitement.  We will return…sooner rather than later!