Imagining becoming a male stripper? This is what you need to do!

Imagining becoming a male stripper?Looking forward to a career change or you just want to have some fun, while earning some money? Well, we have a suggestion for you: consider becoming a male stripper.

This profession seems to be on the rise right now, as a lot of men are making a living from turning the fantasies of their customers into reality. However, it’s not that easy as you may think since it implies more than just having a chiseled body…

Below you will find a few steps you need to follow in your path to becoming a male stripper, as well as some useful tips for beginners. Without much further ado, let’s begin!

Work on your body

Obviously, having a stunning physique is a very important aspect, as your mission will be to help people visualize their fantasies. Looking your best is a must!

Sure, nobody says that you must look like a bodybuilder, but you definitely need muscles and defined abs. In order to obtain them, going to the gym regularly and lifting at least three times a week should is mandatory. Also, make sure you stay active as much as possible.

Improve your social skills

As a male stripper, you will work half-naked in front of crowds but also engage with your customers. Therefore, you must be a conversational ace. Talk to as many people as possible until you feel completely open about yourself and don’t forget to smile. After all, the main goal is to make customers feel special, right?

Get your own stage name

A great male stripper needs a great stage name, as you will use it to introduce you at shows and let people know what kind of show they will expect. Sure, you can also use your real name, but this will make you identifiable, so a nickname is definitely the best choice!

Learn how to dance

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? A male stripper’s show consists mostly in dancing, so you need to make sure that you’re acing this. Start with picking a few songs that pull your routine’s theme together (they should also match your outfit – we’ll talk right away about this) and are also well known by anybody who can end up as your client. If the customers know the songs, your dancing will seem even better.

Get a signature costume

Besides the name and your routine, your costume will be the one that will help you stand out. Remember, it’s all about authenticity.

You can find great looking uniforms online, suitable for a male stripper, especially tear-away clothing, with snaps or Velcro. If possible, opt for a few more costumes, to add a bit of diversity to your shows.

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