Give your bachelorette party a twist with some awesome decorations

Give your bachelorette party a twist with some awesome decorationsA bachelorette party should definitely be an unforgettable night and if you’re the one in charge of putting everything together, it’s obvious that you must transform it into something unique. Not to mention that it should be a nice surprise for the bride!

The whole secret lies within the details. Yes, it’s actually that easy.

Whether you’re organizing a themed party or just want to add a personal touch to the location where the party takes place, you can start with some of the most amazing decorations you can find. And since the market is pretty much loaded with such items, we thought that it will be easy if you have a list with a few of the best choices you can make.

So, without much further ado, let’s check out a few of the best decorations for the best bachelorette party!


This is basically a no-brainer, as each awesome party should be ‘invaded’ by balloons. Still, we’re not talking about regular stuff, but balloon garlands creating words like “wifey”, “bride to be” or anything else that has a special meaning for the bride.

They’re ridiculously cheap and you can find them very easy, then use them to brighten up the food corner or any other place or the location.

A disco ball

You just can’t go wrong with such a decoration at a bachelorette party. Whether it’s a basic model or a custom-made one, with multiple colors on it, it will definitely be one major attraction point, not to mention the light effects it will add to the room when all the lights go off.

And it’s not expensive at all!

A candy bar

A few sweets for the ladies are mandatory during a bachelorette party. And a candy bar is the best way to display everything, making it each for each guest to pick their favorite treats. You can find a lot of ideas on how to decorate one on Pinterest, for example! As for the candy itself, don’t forget to check with the guest in advance if they have any conditions that forbid them to eat specific things.


Silver tinsel hanging in a doorway can become a real attraction during a bachelorette party. Besides the light effects it can create at night, similar to the disco ball, it’s great for taking a few awesome Boomerangs. Yes, the things we do for social media popularity…

Chair garlands

If the party takes places in a garden or somebody’s backyard, you need to do something better than having regular chairs.

Dress up the outdoor furniture using some nice greenery garlands and don’t forget about throwing some cozy pillows as well!

A decked out bar cart

You already have the candy bar, so why not have a bar cart as well, loaded with delicious cocktails? After all, we’re talking about an integral element of a successful bachelorette party!

Decorate it with a few palm leafs, maybe some balloons and yes, the eternal garland. All attendees will be delighted with such an element at the party!

Having great decorations is definitely a must for a bachelorette party, but if you want to spice things up a bit, there’s no doubt that nothing can compare with a group of male entertainers.

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Picture Credit: pinterest