Turn Saturdays Into Self-Care Time

Turn Saturdays Into Self-Care TimeWhile most of us realize self-care activities are important, they’re also sometimes difficult to define. This is why we need some concrete tips to help us build a recharge weekend into our busy lifestyles today. These are important because they leave you feeling fueled as you enter a new work week.

Accomplish Something Before Starting Your Recharge Weekend

By crossing something off your to-do list you’ll feel accomplished as you head into your recharge weekend and you won’t feel guilty afterwards either. Whether it’s exercising or doing a chore, make sure it’s something that’s “big” on your list.

Ease into Your Weekend

Transition from your to-do list into your recharge weekend so you enter into it with a quiet mind. This is an important step. Equally as important is making sure that your first activity is something that’s both mentally and physically relaxing (e.g. sitting in nature, taking a bath, enjoying meditation).

Decide What you Really Want to do and Keep Focusing on These Things

Focus on answering this question: “What do I really want to do?” This is something that may change for you from one moment to the next so you shouldn’t plan out your self-care activities ahead of time, not even mentally. Instead, you want to live in the moment – even if that means finding an activity that you want to engage in but that you fear may feel or look like work to someone else, then go for it. However, you must stop the moment it starts to feel like a chore, even if that means leaving a mess behind for a bit because you must continually focus on what you want to be doing right now. You don’t want to get involved in activities that you do when you don’t want to deal with life. Instead, you want to focus on your happiness and well-being. With this in mind, make sure you continue to ask yourself, “What do I really want to do?” at the end of each activity so happiness remains your sole focus.

Add a Little Structure

Feel free to set up a time limit for yourself. Whether you don’t know if you’ll enjoy it or you only have a certain amount of free time available to you, at least give yourself an hour to engage in self-care. If you crave more when that hour is over, add another hour. The key here is to find what works for you, whether this is only a few hours, a whole day, or an entire weekend.

What to do When you Don’t Have a Whole Weekend Available

When you don’t have an entire weekend available to enjoy a recharge weekend there are still some things you can do to help yourself recharge, including:

  • Enjoy some silence first thing when you wake up in the morning
  • Get up and get moving – whether you take a walk in nature or play a game of tennis with a friend
  • Get away from the electronics – spend time with your friends and family instead

Hopefully now you’re better prepared to include some self-care in your schedule because you deserve it.

Picture Credit: blueland