Women Fitness: Burning Calories While Walking

Women Fitness: Burning Calories While WalkingWalking is a great form of women fitness, even though it isn’t always taken seriously. Nevertheless, this is a legitimate way in which you can be physically active. In the same way that other cardiovascular activities help you burn additional calories, improve your respiratory system’s functioning, and release endorphins to improve your mood, walking at an appropriate intensity does the same things. Of course, we’re not talking about a slow stroll. We’re talking like walking as if you mean it. Here are some things you should know happen when you do this.

Walking Burns a lot of Calories

The number of calories you burn doing this women fitness activity are determined by the speed at which you walk, the incline on which you’re walking, your weight and you metabolism. However, you should burn approximately 100 calories per mile when moving briskly. When you desire to burn even more calories, attempt walking up some stairs or using a gym’s stair climber. Typically, this will help you burn approximately 200 calories per mile. With this information in mind, imagine if you were to walk 5 – 8 miles. Doing so may result in you burning about 500 – 800 calories, which is around the same number of calories as you’d burn if you were to run or bike for an hour. Of course, taking the stairs would put you on a whole different level.

You can Improve Your Health by Walking

When you find that you aren’t in as good of shape as you’d like to be in, you’ll also discover that walking will help you tremendously. In fact, many experts believe that walking is a great “entry point” for many people into the world of physical fitness. This is an important foundation for anyone who wants to get into shape because it increases your heart rate past what its normal resting rate is – hence it’s considered a cardio workout.

It also helps that walking isn’t difficult to do. This is an exercise that you can easily start doing since it can be done anywhere without any setup. It’ll help ease any nerves you may experience when you desire to lose weight, but the thought of higher-impact activities prevents you from taking action. Walking will immediately help you shed some body fat even before adding in other activities (e.g. running, spinning).

Starting a Walking Plan

Just how much of this women fitness activity you must do will depend on your baseline. Anyone who’s already a runner probably won’t benefit much from adding walking to their workout routine. On the other hand, anyone who’s inactive will greatly benefit from walking. If this is true for you, then you should start with a small amount of walking time that’s easily attainable and doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. Doing so will help encourage you to stick with your new women fitness plan. Of course, you’ll want to slowly take longer, more intense walks over a period of a few weeks so that you’ll continue to see walking’s benefits and stick with your new women fitness plan.

Picture Credit: Vince Fleming